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Please email wrightwoodneighbors@gmail.com for more information and/or to be connected to individual committee chairs on the current WNA Board of Directors. Find out more about each committees below.

Business Relations: WNA recognizes that businesses in the Wrightwood Neighborhood are valuable assets. The health of our business community reflects the viability of the neighborhood. For this reason WNA created the Business Relations Committee, to address the concerns of the businesses and allow business owners to take part in the decision making process of WNA. Business issues such as zoning to sidewalk cafe’s are review by the Business Relations committee and brought to the board of directors for approval. More details on the Business Relations page.

Crime Prevention and Public Safety: The safety of the community has come a long way since the days when gangs roamed our streets. Thanks in part to the efforts of the Wrightwood Neighbors Crime Committee, whose members worked with law enforcement agencies to rid our community of the dangers that persisted then. The Wrightwood Community today is plagued with a whole new set of crime problems, such as burglary to property, theft, auto break-ins, trouble-some taverns, etc. WNA has for many years addressed these issues and The Crime Prevention committee regularly meets with the 19th Police District Commander and has a seat on the District Area Council, which helps direct policing policy in our community. More details on the Public Safety page.

Events:  Wrightwood Neighbors hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including monthly community meetings (now virtual); three festival events, the Taste of Wrightwood in the winter, the Taste of Lincoln Avenue in the summer, and the Lincoln Park Wine Festival in the fall; and family events including Santa visits (virtual in 2020) and Easter Egg hunts. In non-pandemic years, in-person festival events raised money for our neighborhood schools, after school programs, charities, food banks and neighborhood improvements; in 2020-2021, we are working to adapt these events to our current situation. More details on the Events page.

Membership: The membership committee maintains the WNA mailing list and keeps track of paid memberships. If you would like to join Wrightwood Neighbors, fill out the WNA Membership form here.

Newsletter:  The Wrightwood Report is the official newsletter of the Wrightwood Neighbors Association. The newsletter committee gathers information from the Board of Directors to ensure communication of important information to our membership. The newsletter goes out every month with information about upcoming meetings, events and other pertinent information. We also welcome input from Association members and neighbors. More details on the Newsletter page.

Planning/Architectural & Historic Preservation The mission of the Wrightwood Neighbors Planning Committee is to work with residents, developers, the City and architects to encourage development and renovation that will benefit the neighborhood both aesthetically and economically. The committee meets about every month and is open to anyone who has an interest in neighborhood development and architecture. Our committee is made up of zoning attorneys, real estate professionals and planning experts, along with WNA members who just have an interest in how the neighborhood develops.  More details on the Planning/Architectural & Historic Preservation page.

Parks: The Wrightwood neighborhood is home to 3 parks overseen by the Wrightwood Neighbors: Jonquil Park, Supera Playlot and Wiggley Field. WNA also facilitates the spring cleanup of all three of the parks along with the Mayor’s Clean & Green program and the Friends of the Parks. More details on the Parks page.

Schools: The schools committee serves as an advocate and liaison between the local public schools, WNA Board and the community. Keeping the community informed as to the quality, innovation, and recent successes at each school is this committees focus. There are four public schools serving the Wrightwood Neighborhood: Harriet Tubman Elementary School, Louisa May Alcott Elementary School, Oscar Mayer Elementary School, Lincoln Park High School and Alcott High School for the Humanities. More details on the Schools page.

Wiggly Field: Established in April 1997, is Chicago’s first official dog exercise and play area, it is located at 2645 N. Sheffield. More details on the Wiggly Field page.

To participate in any of the committees, email wrightwoodneighbors@gmail.com for more information.