Development, Planning, and Architectural Review

Planning Committee

The mission of the Wrightwood Neighbors Planning Committee is to work with residents, developers, the City and architects to encourage development and renovation that will benefit the neighborhood both aesthetically and economically.

Common issues that the Planning Committee addresses include:

  • Requests for zoning changes
  • Addressing resident concerns about design
  • Working with local institutions, such as Children’s Memorial Hospital and DePaul University, on their campus expansion plans.
  • Working with the Alderman’s’ office on requests for variances or exceptions to existing zoning codes as it relates to specific development requests.
  • Overseeing the administration and updating of the WNA Long Range Land Use Plan and Lincoln Avenue Master Plan
  • Reviewing design stages as they relate to the rehabilitation of the Chicago Transit Authority Brown Lines-Fullerton and Diversey
  • Working with the City of Chicago and various community organizations relating to the redevelopment of the Elston Avenue Corridor, between Armitage Avenue and Fullerton Avenue.

The committee meets about every month and is open to anyone who has an interest in neighborhood development and architecture. Our committee is made up of zoning attorneys, real estate professionals and planning experts, along with WNA members who have an interest in how the neighborhood develops.

Architectural & Historic Preservation Sub-Committee

The Wrightwood Neighbors Association Architectural Preservation Committee is now part of the Planning committee. The planning sub-committee aims to maintain the unique historical and architectural character of the commercial and residential buildings in the neighborhood. The Committee works closely with the Planning Committee and the Alderman’s office in reviewing controversial plans for new building developments and provides guidance and suggestions to builders in order to maintain quality and character consistent with other properties in the neighborhood. A historic renovation award is presented on an annual basis to reward residents who demonstrate a commitment to architectural preservation. For further information contact WNA,

Centennial Plaques

Is your home or building more than 100 years old and within the boundaries of Wrightwood Neighbors? If so, apply for a beautiful commemorative plaque to show off your home’s history! Plaques are $25 each. Email us regarding details or to see if your home meets the criteria at