About Us

The Wrightwood Neighbors Association, an all volunteer organization that has worked to make the Wrightwood Area the great community it is today since its inception in 1962. WNA has remained diligent, these long years by monitoring issues that directly affect our community. Issues such as crime prevention, helping to eradicate gang activities and serious crimes, planning, dealing with slum-landlords and substandard developments, contribution to schools and supporting businesses.

The Taste of Lincoln Avenue is Wrightwood’s annual fundraiser.  The Taste began in 1984, as a way to help fund the WNA organization, and to provide financial support for our local schools and organizations through grants.  It began with crowds of 10,000 attendees, and has now grown to more than 50,000 visitors for the two-day event. Every year we gather over 300 volunteers for this event, if you would be interested in volunteering some of your time, let us know!

The Wrightwood Neighbors Association chartered area is Diversey Parkway to Fullerton Ave. and Halsted St. to Lakewood Ave.