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The Wrightwood Neighbors Association is a non-for-profit, all-volunteer organization. Since 1963, WNA has worked to make the Wrightwood Area the great community it is today. WNA has remained diligent these long years by monitoring issues that directly affect our community. Today, we help with issues such as crime prevention, planning and development, contributing to schools and supporting businesses. By joining WNA, you will be directly supporting these efforts along with gaining exclusive opportunities for members to help deepen the bonds of this wonderful community.

New in 2022: WNA now offers simplified membership options where individuals, Seniors, and businesses can elect either a 1-year membership, or an annually renewing option at a discount. Each individual or business wishing to be a member will need to sign up below.

If you last paid after November 30, 2021, please feel free to re-subscribe later in 2022. If you are a lifetime member under the prior system, we also welcome any donations to continue our work. If you are unsure or have any questions, please email

Be a part of the organization that is responsible for things such as the creation of the city’s first dog park, Wiggly Field, hosting the Taste of Lincoln Avenue and the Lincoln Park Wine Festival, and facilitating the fundraising of millions of dollars for local educational and cultural institutions.

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