Crime Prevention

Community safety is the prime objective of this committee. Issues such as street and home safety, panhandling, violent crime, graffiti, gangs and identity thief are among some of the problems WNA addresses. The WNA crime prevention committee issues community alerts, sponsors community crime prevention meetings and organizes citizen action groups.  The crime prevention committee regularly meets with the 19th District Police Commander and Community Policing Office to keep abreast of criminal activity in the area.

Contact our WNA Crime Prevention Chair

CAPS (Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy)

CAPS Meetings meet at the Seminary Avenue Church, Seminary and Lill Ave- all residents and business owners are welcome to attend. Contact our Crime Prevention chair for more details here or view more about the 19th District CAPS program here

CAPS ClearPath  : CPD’s website for the latest news, programs and community oriented services that the Chicago Police Department offers. Create a login here to receive email alerts, access crime reports, report concerns and commend officers.

Citizens ICAM- To find police department’s crime statistics in your area.

19th District Community Policing – 312-744-5574 (all non-emergency, community related problems).