About Us

The Wrightwood Neighbors Association is the community group for all people living in the area bounded by Halsted and Fullerton and Lakewood and Diversey. It is the neighborhood’s central source of information and activity, with a goal to help you meet those who live around you, keep you informed of events in the area, and provide you with a direct link to the planning and development of our community. It’s mission is to promote local safety and a healthy and vibrant community through the cooperative efforts of local residents and businesses.

Our History

The Wrightwood Neighbors Association, an all volunteer organization that has worked to make the Wrightwood Area the great community it is today since its inception in 1962. WNA has remained diligent, these long years by monitoring issues that directly affect our community. Issues such as crime prevention, helping to eradicate gang activities and serious crimes, planning, dealing with slum-landlords and substandard developments, contribution to schools and supporting businesses.

Mission Statement

The Wrightwood Neighbors Association (WNA) is a community group of neighbors and businesses working together to help improve our neighborhood. Our mission is to preserve and enhance the vibrant quality of life for all who live, work and play in Wrightwood. We provide opportunities for community involvement, support desirable growth, promote local businesses, and advocate for issues of community concern. Above all, our goal is to make a positive difference in our neighborhood.

Picture of a Wrightwood Neighbors' Residence

What We Do

The Wrightwood Neighbors Association encourages involvement on our Board and Committees, and invites members to get involved in our many community-enhancing activities. Please join us in supporting our activities including:

  • Community Involvement: We hold monthly membership meetings and sponsor events throughout the year to provide an opportunity to meet your neighbors and learn about community issues. Join us and help create a sense of community in Wrightwood.
  • Sharing Information: We keep members informed of neighborhood news and activity through monthly member meetings, a monthly newsletter, email updates, and our website.
  • Promoting Public Safety: We promote safety and crime prevention by hosting our police beat’s CAPS meetings and acting as neighborhood liaison to the Chicago Police Department on the 19th District Advisory Committee (DAC).
  • Reviewing Development: We review business and other development plans for the community, including those affecting density, traffic, parking, architectural design and retail. We provide opportunities for neighborhood involvement and input.
  • Organizing Events: Since 1984, we have hosted Festivals such as the Taste of Lincoln Avenue in the summer, the Lincoln Park Wine Festival in the fall, and the winter’s Taste of Wrightwood. Seasonal events for children include Santa visits and Easter Egg hunts.
  • Fund-Raising: Over $2,000,000 from events and dues have funded programs at our local schools (Alcott, Mayer, Tubman and Lincoln Park High School), Lincoln Park Library, Parks (Jonquil, Supera, and Wiggly Field), DePaul’s Lincoln Park Research Initiative, Social Agency programs, food pantries, after school programs, and school art programs put on by Lookingglass, Lill Street Studios, Victory Gardens.
  • Monitoring Schools: We maintain alliances with the local public schools that serve our community: to monitor operations, share information, encourage excellence and advocate for enrollment and participation.
  • Maintaining Parks: We monitor the quality and maintenance of our parks (Jonquil Park, Supera Park, & Wiggly Field), promoting capital improvements as needed, and act as the neighborhood liaison with the Chicago Park District. We also sponsor park events throughout the year.
  • Beautification
    • Established the committee to have Internationally Renowned Sculpture, and Community Resident Richard Hunt design, fabricate and install Eagle Columns in Jonquil Park. The first community based permanent sculpture installation in Chicago.
    • Participate in the 43rd and 44th Ward Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit by sponsoring a sculpture at the corner of Lincoln, Fullerton and Halsted.
  • Crime Prevention
    • Worked with the local police district to combat gang activity in the 1970’s.
    • First organization to donate bicycles for police patrols
  • Planning and Land Use
    • Developed first Chicago neighborhood Long Range Plan in 1977 (rewritten 2002)
    • Conducted Comprehensive Zoning and Land Use Review and recommended zoning changes to reflect current conditions while respecting property owner rights.
    • Actively participated in the City of Chicago’s rewrite on the Zoning Code
    • Prevented undesirable developments such as a drive-thru McDonalds at Fullerton and Sheffield, proposed tattoo parlor and massage parlor on Lincoln Avenue, and off track betting parlors
    • Worked with developers to encourage attractive residential buildings.
    • Provide recommendations to local Alderman and testify before the City of Chicago Plan Commission, City Council Zoning Committee, and the Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Community Wide Projects
    • Served on the CTA Brown Line Task Force to make sure the Fullerton and Diversey stations serve the needs of local residents.
    • Instrumental in the development of the Lincoln Park Trolley
    • Lead the effort to establish the New Lincoln Park Library at Fullerton and Racine
    • Worked with the 43rd Alderman on the Lincoln Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project.
  • Institutional Relations
    • Helped shape DePaul University Master Plans since the 1980’s by providing community input and concerns.
    • Provided input to Children’s Memorial Hospital’s Long Range Plans and to the redevelopment of its property when it moves to Streeterville.
    • Serve on the Children’s Memorial Hospital Community Advisory Committee and the DePaul Neighborhood Advisory Committee.
  • Parks
    • Lead the effort to develop Jonquil Park on the site of the CTA Car Barns and the complete rebuilding of the children’s play area.
    • Established the first dog friendly park in Chicago (Wiggly Field)
    • Worked on the redevelopment of Supera Playlot to be fun, safe and kid friendly.


Association Map from Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce.
Association Map from Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce
Ward Map from Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce
Lincoln Park Map from Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce