Important City Sticker Changes- Check Your Expiration Date!

Please make sure to look at your city sticker for its expiration date. Due to a change in the law, the Chicago City Clerk’s office stopped sending out City Sticker renewal reminders by mail on June 1st, 2015.
Beginning July 1, 2016,  you may be ticketed immediately following your City Sticker’s expiration.  For example, if your vehicle sticker expires on June 30, you are eligible to be ticketed on July 1.  The $200.00 ticket can be issued daily.
However, the Clerk   announced a change in the  grace period for late fees for City Stickers. T he grace period for late fees charged when purchasing a City Sticker after the sticker’s expiration will be extended from 15 to 30 days effective July 1. If your  vehicle sticker expires June 30, you will have until July 30 to purchase a sticker without  paying an additional $60.00 late fee. However, you will still be subject to a $200 expired City Sticker ticket daily until a new sticker is purchased and displayed.
Remember, City Stickers now have different expiration dates throughout the year. They generally expire six months after your license plate.  City Stickers are available for purchase online , as well as many  currency exchanges, many of which are open  on weekends and holidays. Avoid costly and  unnecessary tickets by purchasing and displaying your City Sticker promptly.
Also effective this week, non-commercial pick-up trucks weighing less than 8,000 pounds will no longer be required to display a special truck sticker. Click here for more information.