Events at Wrigley Field Spring/Summer 2016

Presentation by Heather Way Kitzes-Chicago Cubs: Way Kitzes is the Manager of Neighborhood Relations for the Chicago Cubs. Opening Day will be on April 11, 2016. National Baseball is requiring all teams to screen every person entering the ball parks and Wrigley Field will now also starting the scanning/screening of all those entering the park.

Expect long lines and delays with the new system. Come early and allow extra time to be screened/scanned.

The concerts for 2016 are:

June 24-25 Phish,

June 30-James Taylor,

August 20 &22 Pearl Jam,

August 26-Billy Joel

August 27 Luke Bryant

The Cubs sporting store at Clark and Addison has been razed due to construction and the McDonalds is closed at that location. Over the next 90 days the area will be razed in preparation for the construction of the new hotel. A question was asked if the park will open earlier than 2 hours before a game now that the screening will have longer lines and patrons are encouraged to come early. The Cubs are looking into this issue. Way Kitzes and the Cubs have committed to attend community meetings and be a part of the neighborhood. The Cubs donate money and provide service hours to many functions including services for children and sports for children. You can reach Way Kitzes at