It’s Your Responsibility to Remove Snow and Ice From The Sidewalks

Many people rely on walking and transit as their primary way to get around, and without a wide, clear path through snow and ice, it is especially difficult for people with disabilities, seniors, and children to walk safely. According to the Municipal Code of Chicago (4-4-310 & 10-8-180), property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice. If you have an elderly or disabled neighbor, please consider helping them shovel. You can also contact the 32nd Ward office and see if a volunteer is available to assist in this situation.
Sidewalk Snow Removal Door Hangers
The door hangers are intended as a reminder to shovel the sidewalk and offer assistance to anyone physically unable to clear their own sidewalks. The door hangers emphasize the importance of sidewalk snow removal and safe winter travel.
Additionally, the City’s snow plow tracker will be available during major snow events. During snow storms, the City’s snow plows are constantly tracked.
For more information on snow removal, please click here