Free Neighborhood Parking in Lincoln Avenue Garage

Lurie Children’s recently sold the Belden Building (759 W Halsted) to DePaul University, a sale which included allocating 46 parking spaces in the Lincoln Avenue garage at 2315 N. Lincoln Ave. for DePaul’s use.

In order to continue to provide some free parking for the community, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago are moving the barricades in the garage up one level. Beginning April 1, there will be 46 spaces for DePaul parking with an approved placard, and 170 spaces for the community that will continue to be free for up to 5 hours.

In order to maintain the necessary space allocation, there will be increased security presence in the garage, enforcing the 5 hour free parking limit, unless the vehicle displays the DePaul approved signage in the vehicles. Neighborhood residents and visitors can pull in and park for up to 5 hours, there is however a a towing company that patrols the garage, so plan your time accordingly to no more than 5 hours, and not overnight.

Parking in fire lanes, sidewalks and other non-marked areas will make your vehicle eligible for immediate towing.