Sanitation, Graffiti & Recycling

The City of Chicago Streets and Sanitation  has District and Ward Sanitation Offices throughout the city responsible for coordinating local garbage pick-up, sanitation code enforcement, snow removal operations and other services.  District and ward superintendents monitor their sections of the city for any non-sanitation bureau services that might be needed, reporting these to the appropriate bureau or outside agency for attention.

The bureau also handles collections for the Blue Cart Recycling Program.   More than one million tons of garbage and recyclables are collected annually.

In addition to keeping Chicago’s alleys clean, the bureau is responsible for coordinating street sweeping efforts.

If you would like to contact your district or ward sanitation office, please use the following link or call 3-1-1.

2nd Ward Streets & Sanitation office   

43rd Ward Streets & Sanitation office 1340 W. Concord (312) 744-4555

Blue Cart Recycling Program

Chicago is encouraging its residents and businesses to recycle using the “Blue Bin” trash cans for paper, tin, some plastics, cardboard, glass, and aluminum; and there is no sorting needed. View the City of Chicago’s guidelines here
or the easy pocket guide here

The 2012 Blue Cart Recycling Pickup Schedule here

City of Chicago Street Sweeping

Sanitation and Waste Reduction (Garbage, Street Sweeping, Recycling, and Zero Waste)

The Bureau of Sanitation implements waste management programs for business and residents. Specific activities include:
  • Collecting residential garbage;
  • Operating the City’s Blue Cart Recycling Program;
  • Providing technical assistance and support for the City’s recycling initiatives;
  • Providing assistance for the development of city-wide waste reduction and management programs and policies; and
  • Coordinating street sweeping efforts for city main streets and side streets.

Request Graffiti Removal from Graffiti Blasters

Started by Mayor Daley in 1993, Graffiti Blasters stepped up the battle against graffiti by offering a free removal service to private property owners. The Department of Streets & Sanitation’s crews remove this vandalism with “blast” trucks or paint crews.

Graffiti Blasters employs 13 “blast” trucks that use baking soda under high water pressure to erase painted graffiti from brick, stone and other mineral surfaces. They are celebrating their 15th anniversary this year! View more here.



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