Fullerton Avenue Streetscape CDOT Proposal


The Chicago Department of Transportation held an open house November 29th from 6:00-8:00pm at the Lincoln Park Library, 1150 W Fullerton, to present preliminary concepts and designs for the planned streetscape improvements on Fullerton Avenue between Racine and Ashland. The planned improvements include new sidewalks, street lights, improved crosswalks, and additional trees. Residents and business owners in the area were encouraged to attend and express their concerns and suggestions.

The funding for this project would come from federal funding, the state and IL Jobs Now, said Janet Attarian, Streetscape and Sustainability Program and Sustainability Coordinator, who lead the presentation.

The streetscape improvements would only go on the north and south sides of Fullerton from Racine west to Ashland, but neighbors expressed interest to continue it east to the Fullerton L station. CDOT said, it is a matter of funding, and could be a possibility in the future, but only if more funding was made available. 32nd Ward Alderman Waguespack and representatives from Sheffield Neighbors Association, as well as Wrightwood Neighborhood Association were there, as were many neighbors and business owners. CDOT said they would work closely with the residents and business to lighten the impact on those in the improvement area if the project is approved, and there will be regular meetings once the project began to address any ongoing concerns. Currently CDOT has installed many other successful streetscapes on the northside of Chicago that have made a positive impact on those streets.

The project mainly centers on increasing pedestrian traffic west of Racine, which many hope would improve the business vitality in the area to entice new retail and residential, but the project will not specifically address the automobile traffic and congestion that seen west of Racine on Fullerton.

The project would begin in the spring and likely continue through November if the plan is approved.

View the full Fullerton Streetscape Plan HERE


Post by Erin Anderson