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The Wrightwood Neighbors Association is a non-for-profit, all-volunteer organization.

For the past 45 years, WNA has worked to make the Wrightwood Area the great community it is today. WNA has remained diligent these long years by monitoring issues that directly affect our community. In the early years we helped to eradicate gang activities and serious crimes and dealt with slum-landlords and substandard developments. Today, we help with issues such as crime prevention, planning and development, contributing to schools and supporting businesses.

Although for the past 25 years the WNA’s main fundraiser, The Taste of Lincoln Ave. has given us the funds to support local schools, charitable organizations and community improvements, we are still asking for donations and contributions from the heart to help us continue to service the Wrightwood Community.

WNA thanks you very much for your support.

All contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.